Showing Your Best Self

{2:19 minutes to read} Recently I noticed something on LinkedIn: People’s smiles not matching their body language.

A genuine smile is relaxed, not forced. You’re not just pulling the muscles in the right direction. When you’re truly happy you don’t make an effort to smile — it’s just there. Another thing I’ve noticed about genuine smiles is that they affect the whole face. Your eyes sparkle, there’s a lightness to your face. People can see that you’re happy.

For example, one of the headshots I saw showed a man who looked very serious, but he was displaying a full, toothy smile. His teeth were great, but the rest of his body seemed to be saying, “I smile just because I’m asked to.” Furthermore, his arms were crossed at his chest, probably in an effort to convey strength and power. What it actually conveys is more like saying, “I’m completely closed up and unapproachable.”

I’ve always found forced smiles to be less than inviting. Why not have fun while taking a headshot? Personally, I don’t love taking pictures. Part of it is because I find it uncomfortable — but if I can put myself into a fun mindset, I have found that my smile is going to be different.

And that’s where your photographer comes in. Good photographers do more than take technically great pictures. They are also skilled at making you feel comfortable, evoking positive emotions, and, in the case of my photographer, telling funny jokes. The photographer should put the person at ease and have that person move their body around — because once you move, your blood oxygen is going to go up, changing your mood.

Another thing to remember is that modern cameras can take pictures at lightning speed, so if you’re laughing, they can catch you in between laughs (when you’re smiling all-out and just happy). In other words, technology allows us to “dance like nobody’s watching.”

At the end of the day, people are going to pick you not just because of your expertise, but also because they feel like they can connect with you. Women, especially, like to feel connected to the people that provide services to us.

Having a Life Coach is like having a Swiss Army Knife for life’s problems. Whether it’s nervousness about taking a headshot, trepidation at speaking up at meetings, or a fear of success, we’re here to help.

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Showing Your Best Self by Fabienne Swartz
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